Weed is Reality.

Alright, stop, collaborate and listen


Tarot-Dreams Halloween Giveaway.
On Halloween, Tarot-Dreams will be giving away a deck of tarot cards, healing crystals, and a few other surprises to one lucky follower.
Contest Rules:
1. Follow Tarot-Dreams.tumblr.com
2. Reblog this post.
The winner will be chosen at random and publicly announced on Tarot-Dreams.tumblr.com on Halloween. If you’re the winner, a request for your mailing address will be sent to your blog. In order to collect your prize, you will have one week to respond. Best of luck to all.
Past winner: the-neverending-fairytale.tumblr.com



nothing will fuck you up as much as the realization that there’s no real reason the alphabet needs to be in order


You dick…

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Why do I have “Ice, Ice, Baby” stuck in my head?

I really, simply just don’t want to exist anymore.

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